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Easy ways to jazz up your style at home

Simply adding plants and dressing up a blank wall can take it to the next level

Starry-eyed over the gorgeous interiors that fill the pages of decor magazines and Pinterest?

Even if you are not looking at a major refresh, here are tips and tricks to style your home and add a bit of poise to your pad.

Get a decorative tray, baskets or bowls

One effortless way to instantly make your knick-knacks, travel mementos or other curios look put together - group them in a tray.

Media essentials such as remote controls will likewise look less messy if you place them on a tray. Add extra design elements including candles, pebbles or a small potted plant.

For clutter that you want to keep out of sight, choose chic baskets or boxes that add to the style of your home while doubling as storage.

Create a beautiful vignette

A vignette is a curated group of objects displayed together in a visually pleasing and balanced manner and adds a polished look to any home.

You can create a vignette anywhere, from the entryway console to the coffee table or a sideboard.

Consider pieces such as sentimental items, heirlooms, potted plants, glassware, books, a decorative mirror, and yes, a tray with smaller items.

Or have one large object such as a mirror or frame to anchor the space, instead of a smattering of small items.

You can also mix sparkly or metallic pieces with matte objects, or go for items of varying heights and sizes.

Add plants

Plants and vases of flowers add natural beauty and dimension to your abode, and no matter the aesthetic you are going for, there is a plant to suit your space.

Large plants like fiddle-leaf figs are great for making a statement or concealing awkward corners, while smaller potted plants can go on a console table, as part of a captivating vignette.

If you do not have a green thumb, faux plants or dried branches in a vase work equally well.

Once you have gone plant shopping, skip the plastic pots that plants from the nursery often come with.

Shop for trendy, quirky planters and pots that complement your interior style.

Add tactile elements

Tactile accessories add cosiness and a lived-in appeal to your space - think sofa throws, cushions, rugs and table runners.

And since they take up a chunk of visual space, especially rugs and curtains, they can dictate and instantly change up the feel of your room too.

Woven textiles such as linen and hemp as well as ethnic patterns add a casual vibe, while velvet, leather and silk ooze elegance.

Dress up a blank wall

The options are endless, from wall hangings to a console table or wall decals. Or take it a step further with stunning wallpaper.

An oversized piece of artwork is also a surefire way to instantly make an unexpected impact.

It can be a print or a painting that speaks to you.

Go for statement decor

A hero decor accent like a fantastic lighting fixture can make a serious impact, especially in a small space. Not only does it not take up floor space, it adds instant drama - think of it as an art piece with a practical function.

Choose the ones that play up your space, whether you are going for a gorgeous sculptural chandelier to elevate a contemporary living room, or statement pendant lights over a dining table.

Mix trends

Consider mixing styles to give your home a timeless quality, plus inject it with a dose of personality too.

A mid-century modern console could go well with a boho wall hanging, for instance.

However, do not go beyond three different styles. Have a unifying element running throughout and keep to a limited colour palette.

Don't forget the bathroom

Short of a major overhaul, there are little things you can add to evoke the feel of a hotel bathroom.

Instead of leaving your shampoos and soaps in their original packaging (unless they come in beautiful bottles), shop for stylish bottles or holders instead, which you can then display on a tray.

You should also ditch raggedy towels for soft, fluffy ones, and consider getting a beautiful mirror for the space.

Fragrances such as candles or diffusers are lovely for adding that little bit of luxury too.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly (www.womensweekly.com.sg).