How to make an all-white kitchen look chic and fresh

Avoid too many silver appliances as they make the space look cold, go for bold hues, pastels or white

You can never go wrong with a clean and crisp white kitchen.

It is an aesthetic dream come true when done right and adds a refreshing touch to that part of your home.

On top of that, it never gets old and remains timeless in years to come.

But how do you achieve the look of a minimalist all-white kitchen without overdoing it?

Here are five essential styling tips:

Pick your plants carefully

Apart from the usual herbs like basil and rosemary, other kinds of potted plants can spruce up a kitchen too.

Opt for low-maintenance ones and keep them away from heat sources - you do not want your plants to wilt.

If your plants are growing in soil, check them regularly to avoid pest infestations, which you certainly would not want around your food prep area.

Artificial plants are best in the kitchen, they add a touch of greenery without the fuss.

As for dried florals, avoid those - they are a potential fire hazard.

Opt for coloured or white appliances over silver

Too many silver appliances in an all-white kitchen can result in a cold, clinical look.

Luckily, there is a wide range of delicious candy-coloured appliances to choose from these days, from bold red for a 1950s diner look to creamy pastels for a subtle wash of colour.

If it is a minimalist look you are going for, white appliances blend into the background well.

No matter what you choose, the upside is you can always switch these up to update the look of your kitchen instantly.

Choose easy-to-clean surfaces

While natural white marble is beautiful, it is also porous, meaning wine and food stains are notoriously difficult to get out.

Instead, opt for hard-wearing composite surfaces that can be cleaned with just a wipe.

Add in natural textures for warmth

Balance out the white with natural elements such as wooden shelves or rattan cabinet doors. If you do not have to cook or handle hot dishes often, and you are up for some DIY, you can vinyl-wrap your countertop for a brand new look.

Otherwise, if renovation is not an option, you can still add these elements in with artfully-displayed cheese boards, rattan lampshades or wooden utensil holders.

Keep these far away from the stove and sink though.

Use statement lighting for a dash of style

An all-white kitchen provides the perfect backdrop for statement lighting, especially if yours is an open-concept kitchen with an island counter.

Keep the rest of the look clean by using minimalist LED strips for task lighting - you do not want to add visual clutter by having too many lamps.

This article was first published in Home & Decor Singapore (homeanddecor