How to up your make-up game in a face mask

Play up the eyes and eyebrows as they aren't hidden, and use lightweight products under your mask

Face masks have become an essential - and mandatory - part of our get-up.

Cosmetics appear to be less of a necessity for some, with skincare taking the limelight.

It might seem frivolous to talk about or even wear make-up during this time, but for many, it can make a huge difference in creating some sense of normalcy and can even function as a creative outlet.

Here are tips on how to update your beauty routine to keep up with the new norm.

Start with a lightweight base

Avoid layering on moisturiser and thick creams, as they might encourage more congestion within the skin when wearing a mask.

Instead, look for multi-tasking products that are lightweight and gentle.

Whether it is watery essences, light serums or even gel moisturisers, be sure to wait a couple of minutes to let the product sink into the skin before putting on the mask.

If you know you are prone to skin irritation from wearing masks, try using products that counter these symptoms.

Ingredients like aloe, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid are skin-soothing and will defend your skin.

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Don't forget the brows

Even if you want to do the bare minimum, brows are not to be neglected.

They can help create a polished look to enhance your appearance, they frame our eyes and shape the face, and bring attention to the top half of our face.

Let your eyes do the talking

Line your eyes with a waterproof eyeliner to combat Singapore's heat and humidity.

If you want to go a little above the regular eye routine, try using an eyeshadow palette that plays upon subtle neutral shades.

Curl your lashes

Mascara is the short and sweet way to opening up your eyes.

Be sure to start by curling your lashes, especially for Asian lashes that tend to hang straight down.

Build the lash line and run the mascara through the root of the lash to give your eyes more definition.

Use a lightweight (but buildable) foundation

Ideally, you should not be wearing foundation under your mask, especially if you will be masking up all day.

But if you need or want to, stick to lightweight formulas and consider applying it as you would a concealer - only in certain areas.

When it comes to the half of your face uncovered by a mask, you can apply the foundation as per your usual routine.

Set your make-up so it does not transfer onto your mask

If you will be wearing foundation under your mask, then it is best to set your make-up to keep it from transferring to the mask.

Opt for translucent powder - the finer the better, as it can easily blur and conceal blemishes on the skin and double up to give more coverage.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly (