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Majestic places King Arthur fans should visit

These Arthurian places in Britain go hand in hand with the new film on the legendary leader

British folklore hero King Arthur is back in the limelight.

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, the action-adventure about his rise starring Charlie Hunnam, boasts lush backdrops specially chosen by English director Guy Ritchie to add to the drama.

Scotland's Isle of Skye, famed for its vast greenery and grandiose views, was one such location.

Other key filming locations for the movie, which opens here on Thursday, included Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Bealach na Ba (or The Bealach) at Applecross, Snowdonia in Wales and England's Forest of Dean and Windsor Great Park.

These stunning locations may experience a surge in popularity, but King Arthur fans should visit these legendary Arthurian places, as recommended by Trafalgar.


The 1,500-year-old castle is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, a Welsh cleric, wrote extensively about the legend of King Arthur in his book The History Of The Kings Of Britain. More likely myth than fact, the story of King Arthur's life is described in detail and tells about how he was born at Tintagel Castle.

When visiting, look for the stone compass that points to places connected to the legend.

At the beach, there is a 2.4m-tall King Arthur-inspired sculpture complete with a sword.

Nearby, a face of Merlin is carved into the rocks by Merlin's Cave, said to be the place the great wizard passed through with the newborn Arthur as they escaped to safety.


Glastonbury Abbey is said to be the burial place of King Arthur.

Majestic places King Arthur fans should visit
English actor Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur in King Arthur.PHOTO: GOLDEN VILLAGE PICTURES

It was a Benedictine monastery, and in the late 12th century, monks claimed they found the grave of King Arthur along with a stone inscribed with: Here lies Arthur, king.

The bones were reburied in the abbey grounds, but visitors can still visit the grave site.

The famous Holy Grail, which King Arthur was said to be in obsessively searching for, is believed to be buried beneath the Glastonbury Tor, the conical hill that rises above Glastonbury.


The best known symbol of medieval mythology - King Arthur's Round Table - can be found in the castle's Great Hall. The castle was built in 1067 and, for over 100 years, served as the seat of the government.

English writer Thomas Malory's 15th century Le Morte d'Arthur, which tells the stories of King Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table, describes Winchester Castle as Camelot.

The castle now houses a museum depicting life in medieval times.

Tourists visit it to admire the mythical Round Table, on which the names of 25 knights, including King Arthur, Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot, are inscribed.


It is believed that this is the borderland King Arthur once ruled.

There is a limestone cave called King Arthur's Cave in the Wye Valley on the Welsh border, an hour's drive from Cardiff.

It is where Ritchie filmed a key scene in the movie.

The Wye Valley region has beautiful woodlands, dramatic landscapes and the most castles per square mile in Britain.


As one of Scotland's largest islands, on the country's north-western tip, Skye has 80km of coastline consisting of cliffs, beaches, lochs and rugged mountainside.

Along with Edinburgh and the Loch Ness, Skye is a favourite among tourists.

The Quiraing, located in the north of Skye, was chosen as a filming location for its beauty.

You can enjoy majestic views as you hike up the hills.

For those who prefer to skip the hike, there is a viewing point you can visit by walking about 200m on the main trail.

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