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'Never felt more thankful': TikToker realises how good Singapore is after a month abroad

“If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home,” said someone once.

A TikToker could certainly relate to those words after she returned from a month-long trip to the US and Canada. 

And when Sophieonggg returned home, her verdict was clear: As expensive as Singapore is, you can’t put a price on safety… and food options.

On July 10, Sophieonggg posted on TikTok a diary of some of her travel experiences, highlighting that she never realised just how salient the difference in public safety is between home and abroad.

"I witnessed someone who overdosed from drugs with a group of adults, who left that teen alone," she said, adding that she came across drunkards and druggies during her trip, and while she knew some of them were harmless, it always kept her on her toes.

"Many times I do get scared and just forget to breathe."

She also noted how dirty public spaces could be, to the point that she could smell urine at some place or other every day.

Then there was the food. Though, of course, anyone could tell you that Singapore is second to very few places on the planet; not necessarily in terms of cuisine, but certainly in terms of options. 

Not surprisingly, within a month, the TikToker grew jelak of American fare.

“Never felt more thankful for Singapore’s diversity of cuisines… it has every type of food, everything you need,” she wrote. 

And it’s cheaper here too. 

According to Sophieonggg, a Haidilao meal for four in the US cost US$400 (S$535). That's about $133 per person. 

Long live hawker centres and coffee shops.