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Tourist couple walk 12 hours from Woodlands to MBS – to see more of S'pore


That would probably be the response you’d get if you told a Singaporean that you walked from one end of the island to the other. 

But tourists Kara and Nate didn’t think it was too “crazy” an idea when they embarked, on foot, from Woodlands to Marina Bay – all so they could see more of the country. 

In a YouTube video uploaded on July 1, the American travel vloggers documented their journey, which included stops at various makan places from Chong Pang to Little India. 

At the end of their epic walk – as a reward – the couple would stay at the luxurious Marina Bay Sands.  

"(This is) something that I wanted to do ever since we first visited Singapore as broke backpackers back in 2016," Nate revealed. "This [walk] is forcing us to see more of the country." 

The couple began their trek at Woodlands Park at 9.20am.  

According to Google Maps, their 29.3km journey would take around six hours to complete. 

"I have a feeling it's going to take a lot longer than that because we have a lot of stops planned," said Nate, adding that their goal was to experience as much of Singapore culture and food along the way. 

Not long into their journey, they found themselves battling with the infamous Singapore heat and humidity.

"Literally (have) sweat dripping into my eyeballs," Nate said. 

The heat was so bad that at one point, they walked into a school for some respite, and to enjoy the air-conditioning. 

Later they made pit stops at Sembawang Hot Springs – to give their aching feet a dip –  and grabbed lunch at a coffee shop in Chong Pang City. 

The couple had done their research, and had their hearts set on trying some “uniquely Singapore” dishes – namely, dim sum and rojak.  

Kara and Nate enjoying some local fare in Chong Pang.

Century egg? It was a “yes” for Nate, but a “no” for Kara. In the end, they found the rojak simply too spicy. 

At 3pm, having clocked about 15km, the couple began feeling the strain on their bodies, not to mention a blister on Kara’s toes. 

At 7pm, they had only reached Toa Payoh, and realised the journey was taking far longer than expected. 

By the time they reached Little India, it was a little past dinner time. But behind schedule or not, they couldn’t resist stopping for some garlic naan.  

"Fun fact, Singapore is the first place we ever ate Indian food," shared Kara. 

Later, at Haji Lane, Nate noted: "I do love the diversity of Singapore. We were just in a Hindu temple and now we're walking past a huge, beautiful mosque. There are just different pockets of the world represented in every part of the city."  

The finish line in sight.

After over 11 hours and walking some 36.5km, MBS's iconic boat-shaped structure was finally in sight. And the pair simply couldn’t wait to check in and head for a dip in the infinity pool. 

These guys certainly could use a deluxe spa treatment the next day, too. 

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