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Ed Helms goes from comedy to country music

We're familiar with Ed Helms (above, left) the comedian. But as a musician?

The 41-year-old US actor has released a self-titled bluegrass-folk-country album with his The Lonesome Trio bandmates Ian Riggs (right) and Jacob Tilove (middle).

The group's members met while in college and bonded over their love for old-time music and instruments - Helms on guitar and banjo, Tilove on mandolin and Riggs on the double bass.

"We recorded (the album) in two weeks, but you can say we've been writing the music for 20 years," Helms, whose new comedy Vacation opens on Aug 6, told USA Today.

"If I were just a random Ed Helms fan, I'd probably expect something funny. But I don't think we've concerned ourselves too much with that. The music is what it is... I just hope they like it."


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