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Another Penang body parts case: Dogs drag out head and arms 50m from police station

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Just what is going on in Penang?

There seems to be no end to the discovery of human body parts: The latest find includes a partially decomposed head and a pair of arms just 50m from a police station.

The Star newspaper reported that P. Karthi, who works at a construction vehicle rental business, and his colleagues saw a crowd gathered outside their premises yesterday afternoon (Dec 1).

When they went to take a closer look, thinking there had been an accident, it turned out they were looking at a pair of arms on the road.

He said: "We alerted the office and checked through CCTV footage, which revealed that dogs had dragged the arms out from among bushes beside the road."

Dogs tore the bags open

Penang deputy CID chief Asst Comm P.R. Gunarajan said police found a head wrapped in a plastic bag nearby after they received a call at about 3.40pm.

“The arms were also wrapped in plastic bags which we believe were torn open by dogs...

"Based on the condition of the flesh, we believe the head and arms had been left there for about a week,” he said.

ACP Gunarajan said police were checking to see if they were related to other cases.

“We are still not able to ascertain the person's gender and background. But what’s certain is that the person who dumped the head and arms wanted them to be found,” he said.

It was the third day in a row that human body parts had been found on mainland Penang.

Previous body parts found

A pair of arms and a leg were found in an irrigation canal and among some bushes nearby on Sunday evening while a leg was found in a canal 250m away a day earlier.

Earlier on Nov 24, a human head, with both ears missing, was found in a black plastic bag outside a restaurant.

Three days later, a torso and legs of a man were found dumped in a flour sack in an irrigation canal off Jalan Besar in Sungai Bakap.

Last month, two headless female bodies and a pair of mutilated legs were found within four days.

Source: The Star

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