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Penang City Council debunks driver's complaint about stray cows

A 30-year-old woman in Penang was driving on Jalan Baru at midday on Jan 31 when her car crashed into a number of cows dashing across the road.

The impact sent a couple of cows flying and landing on the road before getting back up on their feet and taking off.

The crash also damaged the car, whose dashcam recorded the entire incident.

However, when Facebook user Anson Alice complained about the incident to the Seberang Perai City Council, the reply she received got her stewing.

In the City Council's reply which the nail therapist shared on Facebook, it is written that the body acknowledged her Feb 1 complaint but it did not see any cows at the said location.

She wrote in her post that her intention for filing the complaint was to find the owner of the cows so she could take matter up with him or her, and not for the City Council to take a "scenic photo" of the location to show her that there were no cows in sight.