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Boss treats 4,500 staff to Dutch holiday

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Is this going to be the next big trend? Another boss has flown his workers - all 4,500 of them - abroad on holiday. 

Head honchos at Chinese cosmetics company Perfect reportedly rented 90 buses to ferry the group around the Netherlands on a five-day company getaway.

It's the biggest group of Chinese tourists to visit the European country ever, Dutch media said.



The workers were estimated to have spent upwards of £5 million (S$7.45 million) as they toured cities and countryside.

Besides visiting the Hoge Veluwe National Park and the congress centre in Utrecht, they also made pit stops at the various shopping centers.

The group was so large that employees had to be split up - staying in different cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


But instead of opting for local cuisine, the Chinese tourists preferred something closer to home.

The Dutch Tourism Bureau (NBTC) said: “They seem to enjoy Chinese food the most.”

No matter, since the local economy is projected to make at least £8 million from the visit, NBTC added.

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The ministry said: 

“The 4,500 tourists will be spreading the word about Holland as a holiday destination by sharing their positive experiences, holiday pictures and souvenirs with their friends and family. 

“It will put Holland on the map as an attractive place to spend your vacation for other Chinese as well.”

Last year more than 250,000 Chinese citizens visited the Netherlands, spending on average $1,887 per person. 

This trip follows two other mass vacations organised last month.

Chinese billionaire and head of Tiens Group Company Li Jinyuan shelled out big bucks for an all-expense-paid four-day corporate trip to France for 6,400 workers to celebrate the firm’s 20-year anniversary.

Then, Chinese company Infinitus (China) paid for a six-night Thailand vacation for 12,700 of its staff.

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