Mr Lee Kuan Yew's unsung hero: She's not only his daughter but also his doctor and...

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The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was known to ask young Singaporeans he met if they were married.

If the answer was yes, he would then ask if they were going to have children.

That was among the nuggets of information that former journalist Cassandra Chew shared in her eulogy during Sunday's (March 29) state funeral at the University Cultural Centre.

Mr Lee's daughter, Dr Lee Wei Ling, is his only child who is unwed.

This may have been one of his biggest blessings.

In his eulogy at the private family farewell at the Mandai Crematorium, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanked his sister for being one of the primary care-givers for their father.

Here's what he said to Dr Lee:

"I would also like to thank my sister Ling, who lived with Papa in Oxley Road and who did so much to take care of him.

"You were not only his daughter but also his doctor, one of them. You were his close companion throughout.

"You travelled with him, watched over him closely. 

Made sure he got medical treatment in time when problems were brewing. And before any disaster could happen. 

You took on more than your fair share of our filial duties.

"Thank you, Ling." 

The Straits Times reported that Dr Lee, in her eulogy at Mandai Crematorium, revealed that Mr Lee had choked on a piece of meat once.

Having suffered from Parkinson's disease for the last three years, this had impaired his ability to swallow solids and liquids.

She said that security officers (SOs) Liang Chye, ASP Yak and Kelvin had managed to save him with the Heimlich manoeuvre.

"They coordinated their pull, and after several attempts, the piece of meat was finally ejected. By this time, Papa had already turned purple.

"But within seconds of the meat being dislodged, he was mentally alert."

She's glad that she had the choice of staying by her father's side.

Said Dr Lee: "Papa, I know you would have preferred if I had married and had children.

But I have no regrets, no regrets I was able to look after you and Mama in your old age."


WATCH: PM Lee Hsien Loong's eulogy at Mandai


Sources: YouTube, Straits Times


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