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Bridesmaids hitch-hike to wedding after taxi breaks down

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Every bride's worst nightmare? That things won't go according to plan on the big day.

Ms Bethany Mouatt's wedding day got off to a bad start after the taxis booked for the bridesmaids turned up late on Saturday afternoon (July 11).

Things got worse when one of the cabs broke down en route to the wedding, leaving three bridesmaids and the bride's mother stuck at the side of a road in Wrexham, UK.

The cab company told the stranded quartet its taxis were fully booked and that the next available cab would arrive only 30 minutes later.

Desperate to make it to the wedding on time, the quartet tried to hitch a ride from strangers.

The bridesmaids frantically trying to hitch a ride. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/BETHANY MOUATT

Ms Mouatt told the Daily Post: "I got into my wedding car and was waving to the others as they passed.

"We got a little further up the road and all I could see was three of my bridesmaids and my mum standing at the side of the road and my heart just sank.

"I didn’t have my phone with me and there was nothing I could do, so I spent the following 15 minutes panicking about what was going on not knowing what was about to unfold."

The day could have ended in a disaster if not for a stranger who pulled over and offered to take the quartet to the wedding.

​​The three bridesmaids and the bride's mother with the stranger who gave them a lift. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/BETHANY MOUATT

The rest of the day went swimmingly, and Ms Mouatt married the love of her life.


The grateful bride took to Facebook on Sunday (July 12) to find the Good Samaritan.

Ms Mouatt said she wasn't able to get out of the car to thank the stranger in person that day because of her dress.

"I would really like to find her and thank her for coming to the rescue and making my day," she said.

The post was shared more than 150,000 times, and within a day, Ms Mouatt found her "wedding saviour".



Well, after a pretty mental couple of hours we have managed to track down the lovely lady who came to my rescue yesterday. The power of social media! Thank you so much for all of the shares! x

Posted by Bethany Mouatt on Sunday, July 12, 2015



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