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Couple separate over woman's futsal addiction

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When relationships enter into rocky waters over football, chances are it's the guy's fault.

In Kuala Lumpur, however, one couple has split because of the wife's addiction to futsal.

According to the Harian Metro, Lina (not her real name) became obsessed after her husband introduced her to the sport as a way to relieve stress after her day job as an office clerk.

The 26-year-old soon became hooked on the game and began to neglect her family duties, often leaving her hubby at home alone while she took to the futsal court with her male friends.

The flustered man, who advised Lina to cut down on futsal so that the pair could focus on starting a family, even tried to prevent his wife from attending a game by locking the front gate and hiding the car keys.

However, she got around that by slipping out the back door and hopping on a taxi.

Lina even went so far as to leave the state to attend a futsal clinic without informing her husband.

The couple are now living separately, with Lina saying she was sorry for being unable to balance her passion with her family life.

Source: Harian Metro via The Star Online

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