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Traffic assistant stops jaywalker - with a hammer

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A traffic assistant in Qingdao, China, tried to knock some sense into a jaywalker - with a hammer.

The assistant, a volunteer, got into an argument with a young woman during rush hour traffic last Tuesday (May 12).

She was trying to stop the woman from jaywalking at a busy intersection in the city, located in Shandong province.


The spat took a shocking turn when the traffic assistant - wearing the standard volunteer's red cap - suddenly took out a hammer and bashed the jaywalker's head.


The attack went on until the jaywalker collapsed on the ground.

While she lay in a pool of blood, witnesses claimed the assistant shouted a warning to those present: "I will not let you run a red light."

The jaywalker was sent to hospital and treated for the injuries, which were not life-threatening.

The attacker was taken into police custody.

Sources: Shanghai Daily, Weibo

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