SMRT trains resume service; North-South Line to close from 11am to 4pm

This article is more than 12 months old

Train service resumed this morning at 5.30am on both the East-West and North-South lines but at reduced speeds. 

The North-South line (NSL) will operate until 11am, and resume operations again at 4pm.

This is to allow LTA and SMRT engineers to conduct further investigations to determine the cause of the power trip that led to the shutdown of power across the entire network yesterday.

Commuters are advised to adjust their travel plans.

The East-West line will operate throughout the day. 

SMRT Corporation said during these operating hours, trains will arrive at average intervals of five to seven minutes. 

It also advised that commuters may encounter intermittent short delays until the system has stabilised. 

Trips for commuters exiting stations on the North-South East-West Lines (NSEWL) will be free until normal service resumes.

Free bus services are available from designated bus stops and bus interchanges near NSEWL stations. 

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