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Stomach flu puts Vivian Hsu in hospital

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Last month, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu announced via Facebook that she was pregnant.

Due in October, the mum-to-be was extremely happy to be expecting her first child with her Singapore-based Indonesian husband, Sean.

However, Hsu, 40, who has been living here for a year, is currently battling a bad bout of stomach flu.

She was admitted into hospital a few days ago after suffering severe vomiting and diarrhoea.


Apple Daily reported that Hsu's manager said that she had always had a sensitive stomach.

An increase of fruit juice in her diet over the last few days had also caused her condition to worsen.

But Hsu has been a trooper.

She has posted pictures of her with her sister (below, left) and her husband.



A photo posted by 徐若瑄VivianHsu (@vivianhsu.ironv) on Apr 17, 2015 at 10:50pm PDT

Her followers had expressed their concern for her saying that now she has to take better care of herself since she is pregnant.

Hsu wrote:

"I know that I have always been brave. 

"Thanks sis, for flying (to Singapore) to keep me company.

"I love you all."

"I wish myself and each and everyone of you good health."

Source: Asian Pop News, Apple Daily, Instagram


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