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$80 birthday cake order turned into a 'horrible experience'

This article is more than 12 months old

A woman decided to take a chance by ordering her daughter's birthday cake from an unknown Carousell seller.

Unfortunately, it turned into a 'horrible experience' that was 'a lesson learnt for us'.

Stomper Lulu told Stomp that they had ordered a cake for her daughter's sixth birthday from @happy.cake.day on Carousell.

"We decided to try it as it was somewhat last minute for us and we wanted to customise it for our daughter's sixth birthday party," she said.

"So everything went perfectly okay, right from the order and lasted with the payment of $80 (with delivery).

"We had informed her to send it at noon on Saturday (Feb 18) as our party starts at 2pm."

The cake was delivered after 10am and Lulu said when she collected the cake it felt 'light' but she did not think too much of it.

"To my horror, when I opened up the cake, it seemed like a standard of a trainee baker," she said.

"It doesn't even look like an $80 cake with such a design."

Lulu said she tried to be optimistic and hoped the cake would at least taste like a good Nutella-flavoured one.

"The cake tasted like a typical moist chocolate cake with just chocolate-coloured cream," she said.

"So I was already at my peak.

"I messaged the baker on Carousell and asked if this is the standard for an $80 Hello Kitty-themed cake.

"It doesn't look nice.

"I cannot accept this kind of standard.

"As expected, she suddenly went mute, or maybe her hands were numb that she couldn't reply (even though her last seen is every minute or so).

"So be careful when you buy from such an irresponsible seller.

"For now, let the pictures do the talking."

Lulu shared similar experiences other customers had with the same baker.

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