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Audi driver parks improperly, gets colouring exercise on windscreen

It isn’t too uncommon to see handwritten notes left under the wipers of a car’s windscreen. 

Chances are if you’ve parked illegally, someone might find the time to tell you about it. 

Or if you’ve parked in a way that’s infringing on another driver’s parking space, like in the case of a red Audi driver recently. 

One driver was so enraged at the way the Audi was parked – extremely close to the left side and encroaching the next space – that not only did he stick a rude note on the windscreen but also a colouring exercise sheet, so the driver could practise “staying within the lines”.

On Thursday (July 20), an anonymous user took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to share photos of the car – and the attached notes. The carpark location was undisclosed.

The message on the first sheet of paper read: “I hope you don’t f*** like you park! You’ll never get it in.”

The second note was a printout of a black-and-white tortoise, which we typically see in children’s colouring books.

To be fair, most of us have seen worse parking before. So the notes might have been a tad harsh in this case?