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Beetle-monster bites dust at Jewel Changi Airport

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A famous foreigner has again been spotted in Singapore - and it’s not John Cleese.

Also, he’s up to something, well, not so completely different.

This time he’s at Changi airport, and when people look up they see not bird or plane or Superman, but of course, Ultraman.

In the second episode of the series set in Singapore, the Japanese superhero battles a beetle-like monster rearing up behind Jewel.

The creature doesn’t get to so much as scratch the iconic gem of our airport before Ultraman arrives, making a low pass in front of what looks like the departure level of T3.

What’s cool is that we see the ensuing action through the lattice frame of the Jewel roof.

And the monster is soon despatched, like the one in the first episode at Gardens by the Bay.

The series of three-minute videos,Ultraman: A New Power Of Singapore, is part of a virtual campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board in Japan. It was made by Japanese special effects studio Tsuburaya Productions and directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi, the main director of the series Ultraman Z (2020) and Ultraman Orb (2016).

As in the first episode released last week, there is a hint of a more Singaporean lion-monster looming ahead.

The Merlion seems to have lost out to otters as our cutesy icon of choice, but has it really gone rogue? 

All will be revealed when the final episode is released on Dec 21.

Meanwhile, watch episode two here: