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Boy breaks arm after tripping over hole at Sengkang playground

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A boy broke his arm after tripping over a hole with exposed screws at a playground in Sengkang.

Ms Yang, a single mother who lives at Block 123B Rivervale Drive, said the incident occurred last Wednesday (March 22), at around 7pm.

The 34-year-old bank teller told Shin Min Daily News that her maid had gone downstairs to walk the dog, and had taken her son along to the playground.

The maid was looking after the dog and did not pay attention to the 6½-year-old boy, until she heard a cry and realised that he had fallen down. She then slowly helped the boy back upstairs.

Ms Wang said her son was crying and appeared to have dislocated his left arm. She immediately called a taxi to take him to the hospital.

Ms Yang shared: "However, the doctor said that my son's bones will grow permanently crooked in the future. It is still uncertain how this will impact his life."

In response to media queries, Sengkang Town Council said it regrets the incident and will keep in close contact with Ms Yang.

Upon being notified of the incident, the affected area of the playground was cordoned off. The hole was later filled in.

Ms Yang said she contacted the town council after bringing her son home from the hospital on March 23. She subsequently went to check the playground, but found that it was not cordoned off until March 24.

Expressing concerns that other children might suffer a similar fate, Ms Yang pointed out that the hole that caused her son's fall was only mended three days later.

Besides worrying about her son's well-being, Ms Yang is also anxious about the medical expenses incurred.