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Cabbies at MBS asking for $65 to go to Orchard

They are taking you for a ride literally and figuratively. 

Taxis at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) are charging passengers $65 for a ride to Orchard Road, based on a TikTok video uploaded by 8world.

In the video, the reporter asks two cabbies how much it costs to go to Singapore’s famed shopping belt and the reply was $65.

To underscore the point that $65 is too expensive for such a relatively short trip, the video then shows a sign that read: “Taxi touting and overcharging are illegal.

“Fare must be charged according to the taximeter, plus applicable surcharges. Receipt must be issued upon request.”

A man wanting to go to Paragon Shopping Centre told the reporter: “I just flagged one down. I don’t know if it’s a fancier cab, but he said it was $60 something one way.”

A family of six was seen getting into a MPV taxi, heading for a hotel in Little India. One of them told the reporter it was $65, adding: “Because it’s raining and we are most tired of walking.” 滨海湾金沙出现霸王车砍菜头现象严重,从金沙到乌节路四公里车程竟开价高达65元。记者也亲睹游客因赶时间,无奈硬着头皮上车。 #sgnews #touting #taxi #8worldnews 😢#8视界新闻网 ♬ original sound - 8视界新闻网

A tourist said he was late for an appointment at Orchard Road, but a cabby wanted to charge $60. So he decided against getting into the vehicle.

“$60 is really too expensive,” he said. “Grab only costs more than $20.”

He was surprised that this was happening in Singapore. He thought it was unfair to tourists as they had no way to complain and were forced to accept it.

One of the drivers told the reporter: “It’s raining and there’s a traffic jam. So it costs $65.”

Some of the drivers asked the reporter to get into the vehicle first before “negotiating the price”. After it was revealed that it was a reporter, a cabby suddenly changed his story and said the fare was based on the meter.

An MBS spokesman told 8world that more manpower has been deployed to monitor the situation.

The Land Transport Authority said it takes the matter seriously and added that soliciting passengers is illegal.