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Caught in the act? Woman confronts man after it was 'obvious' he took photos of her

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A TikToker in Singapore uploaded a video of her confronting a man after it became “obvious” he was taking pictures of her. 

The incident took place on Saturday (Feb 25), 10.21pm at Tanah Merah MRT station. 

The video, taken by TikTok user daizamazze, starts midway through her confrontation with a man, who appears to be in his 50s. 

At the beginning of the video, she can be heard saying: “There is no point ignoring me, I saw the photos. You can delete the photos.” 

When pressed to delete the photos, the man swipes the screen of his phone aimlessly, while claiming his phone had some problems.

@daizamazze so obviously this is NOT my usual content however I wanted to share this because nasty crusty uncles / tourists / men do this WAY more than we think, this one was just stupid and made it blatantly obvious he was taking pictures of me. But even though it was obvious what he was doing, i STILL questioned what I saw. “Surely he didn’t take a picture?” “I must be seeing things.” “Would he do that?”. I followed him on the platform and he was dumb enough to CHECK the photos he took LOL. To my girls, ALWAYS trust your gut. NEVER be afraid to make noise. CALL THEM TF OUT!!!! This is ILLEGAL. Even if you don’t see proof, YOUR GUT IS TELLING YOU SOMETHING FOR A REASON. So many times have I felt this unease around a man on public transport but didn’t go up to ask out of fear. If this is your uncle, i just wanna talk. #tiktoksg #caughtoncamera ♬ original sound - daisy

He then says hastily: “Okay, okay, okay! Okay, I delete ah! See ah!”

After deleting several images that seem to be of daizamazze, the man says he wants to call his friend, and that he is not able to get his phone “out of this mode”. 

The TikToker does not believe him and insists on knowing if he has taken any videos. He denies doing so.

The man then walks away, putting his phone to his ear, as though talking to someone. But the TikToker calls out to him: “I can see that you’re not calling anyone, you don’t have to pretend. Just don’t take pictures of girls.”

In the caption, she added she shared the video because she believed such incidents occur more frequently than one would think. 

She also urged girls to “always trust your gut" and to “never be afraid to make noise”. 

The TikToker told MS News she noticed the man when she was about to exit the train. He was standing close to her and holding his phone at an angle. 

She called out to him before she began recording, but he ignored her and pretended to call someone. 

Diazamazze said she reported the incident to the train station staff.