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Delivery rider caught on camera stealing iPhone at Geylang restaurant

This article is more than 12 months old

Leaving your phone unattended for a short while? Even in the CCTV-era of today, someone might still swipe it in a second. 

A Facebook user, RX Cau, found that out recently when his mobile phone was swiped from a table at his workplace. 

In his post on Monday (May 1), he said the incident took place on April 30 at around 10.30pm in a restaurant located at 12 Haig Road. 

He was cleaning up the place and had left his phone, a light blue iPhone 13 Pro Max, on one of the tables. 

In CCTV footage Cau shared, a delivery rider is seen looking at the mobile phone on the table as he walks into the restaurant. 

He then sits at the table – presumably, as he waits for the order to be picked up – and starts using his own phone, looking around every few seconds. 

Moments later, he places his own phone on top of the other before picking both of them up.

"If you see this person, please contact me,” wrote Cau in his post, adding that he has lodged a police report over the incident.