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Food delivery rider in Hong Kong brags about high income, gets scammed

If you blow your own trumpet, you are bound to attract attention – including that from the wrong people.

A 25-year-old food delivery rider working in Hong Kong bragged in a street interview in September that he was raking in HK$50,000 ($8,500) a month, working 9am to 10pm daily.

He also said he had saved up more than HK$500,000.

The man from China, who gave his name as Binzai in the TikTok video, apparently got the attention of a "woman" who then looked him up on the video platform.

She asked for his phone number and they started chatting via WhatsApp. He thought she was looking for someone to collaborate with to produce TikTok content.

But she flirted with him through her messages and when she felt that she had reeled him in emotionally, she requested for a meet-up in Mong Kok.

Binzai said in a video he uploaded on TikTok that it was all a scam and he felt scared throughout. 

Netizens have urged Binzai to be more vigilant as scams become rampant and encouraged him to file a police report.

There were also netizens who shared their own anecdotes, with the scams involving the victims going to unfamiliar places.