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Eight winners took home prizes on Saturday

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The New Paper had given him "the best birthday present", said Mr Wari Ismail on Friday night when he won the jackpot of $2,000 and another $100 prize in the Match & Score contest.

Last night, on his 58th birthday, Mr Wari returned to the SPH News Centre with his wife to collect another $100.

The taxi driver said he could not believe he had won again when he checked the newspaper at 8am yesterday.

Mr Wari, who bought copies of TNP from various places, said: "I didn't think I would win again, but I did. My birthday just became better."

Another excited winner was retiree Loke Kok Kean, 69, who is a loyal TNP reader.

"I've been buying the paper since it started, but I have never won anything until today," he said.

Mr Loke said he got his wife to collect the jersey cut-outs for him every day before checking and matching them against the results at the end of the week.

Of his $100 win, he said: "I wanted to win the jackpot but I'm happy with this prize."

The TNP Match & Score contest saw six other winners yesterday - two more readers won $100 each and another four won $200 each.


For the contest, images of football jerseys are printed in TNP from Monday to Thursday, with the jerseys featuring a number or a country.

New printing technology allows every copy of TNP to include a different combination of jerseys.

These jerseys can then be collected to match the winning combinations published in TNP from Friday to Sunday. The jerseys are valid only for that week.

During those three days, there will be a daily jackpot prize of $1,000, which will snowball if it goes unclaimed for the day.

There will also be combinations for the $100 and $200 cash prizes.

Up to $31,000 can be won from the contest, which lasts until July 10.

Winners must collect their prizes at the SPH News Centre, at 1000, Toa Payoh North, between 8pm and 9pm on the same day.