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Elderly man walks out of van to ask directions in the middle of PIE

This article is more than 12 months old

Walking on an expressway is dangerous, but this did not deter an elderly man from doing just that. 

According to a post shared on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante on Saturday (18 Feb), the incident occurred at around 3.30pm. 

A video accompanying the post shows a stationary white van in the middle of the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), and an elderly man walking towards a car cam while flanked by moving cars. 

The driver attempts to switch lanes to avoid him, but stops after the elderly man comes too close. 

A passenger in the car is heard saying in Malay: "Poor thing! What does the uncle want? He is asking for help in the middle of the road? Ask him what he wants."


Following that, the car driver lowers his window to speak to the elderly. 

From their dialogue, it appears that the elderly man was lost and needed help with directions. 

The driver of the car is heard telling the old man: "Further up, one more junction."

The video, which has been viewed over 180,000 times, attracted many sympathisers, who pitied the elderly man for having to drive around at that age. 

One netizen said: "Time to stop him from driving already."

Another commented, stating: "Seriously by this age good to stop driving but if he working for a living then another story."

Others, however, noted that his actions were endangering other drivers. 


Less forgiving ones demanded for him to be punished. One said: "Dangerous driving. Summon until cannot drive is better. Or ban him."