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Fish nuggets from Malaysia recalled as egg not declared on packaging

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ordered a recall of a brand of fish nuggets from Malaysia after checks found that it contained an undeclared egg allergen.

Egg was found in Bibik’s Choice Fish Nugget (400g) but was not stated on its packaging, SFA said on May 20.

As egg is an allergen, SFA said it has directed the importer, Sin Li-Hin Frozen Food, to recall the affected batch of products. The recall is under way.

An allergen in food can cause an adverse reaction in people who are sensitive to it.

Under Singapore’s food regulations, food products containing ingredients that are known to cause hypersensitivity must be declared on food packaging labels to protect consumers with food allergies, said SFA.

“All ingredients in pre-packed food should also be specified on the product label in descending order of the proportions by weight in which they are present,” the agency added.

Generally, eggs do not pose a safety issue to people except to those who are intolerant of or allergic to them, SFA said.

Consumers who bought the fish nuggets and are intolerant of or allergic to eggs should not eat them. If they have consumed the nuggets, they should seek medical advice if they are worried about their health, SFA added.

[FOOD RECALL] SFA has detected egg in Bibik’s Choice Fish Nugget (400g) from Malaysia, which was not declared on the...

Posted by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Monday, May 20, 2024