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Is that a guy with a gun walking around in a Yishun carpark?

This article is more than 12 months old

Just a day after it was reported that two young men were seen carrying what looked like a shotgun, comes this image that can cause concern.

This time, according to a post on Reddit, it happened in Yishun.

The person carrying what looks like a gun could be a child.

The picture appeared to have been taken at a carpark, and AsiaOne reported that its checks showed the location was in Yishun Street 22.

In the earlier case, police were alerted, a little before 10.15am on Saturday (June 4), to a video posted on social media.

The young men involved were identified and were being investigated, the police said on Monday.

However, they said preliminary investigations showed that what one of the youths carried was a toy gun.

Toy or replica guns are controlled items for import.

The picture from Yishun has drawn a range of responses. Some of those commenting online expressed disapproval or alarm, while others felt it was clearly just a boy carrying a toy.

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