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Homeowner furious as painters allegedly stain sofa, even air-con

They claim the painting company sent 'inexperienced 'painters' with horrible workmanship'

"Paint stains on floor tiles, cabinets, sofa, fan, wardrobe and worst, paint stuck on NEW AIRCON installed for only a few days!! SHAME ON THEM!!" wrote an angry homeowner.

Venting their frustrations on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on July 8, Yee En Lai shared how they made a "big mistake" by engaging painters from Atlas Works to paint their four-room HDB flat.

"Painting work was supposed to be finished in one day, but the incompetent workers failed to complete (their job)," they said. "It was only painting, but the mess created looks as if I'm renovating my four-room flat."

Yee was disappointed that the company supposedly ignored requests for "corrective and touch-up work" and went on to list examples of concerns they raised to Atlas Works.

Yee said the paint tin used to hold fresh paint was "dirty, old and rusty".

"The business owner even said it is a clean & washed PAIL. OMG!!"

Yee said that the paint tin used to hold fresh paint was "dirty, old and rusty".PHOTO: YEE EN LAI/FACEBOOK

Workers had also allegedly locked their bedroom doors twice when painting.

"Basic painting (requires you to) tape the edges, but they did not," Yee said as they listed the parts where paint had stained the flat.

The homeowner also claimed that the company had "released customer's address" to a third party without seeking consent, which they felt was a "major concern" that the company did not explain.

Said Yee, "No more second chances given for being irresponsible and dishonest, (having) zero integrity and business ethic, (sending) inexperienced 'painters' with horrible workmanship, and unprofessional, immature and childish behaviour."

Responding to queries by AsiaOne, Atlas Works said that they have tried to reach out to the customer multiple times - on June 26, 27, 28 and 30 - to schedule an appointment, but were unable to agree to a touch-up date due to clashes in schedules.

"We understand that the customer in question was expecting a touch-up appointment for the completed painting service and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused," a spokesperson said.

They added that Atlas Works would still like to offer the customer a free touch-up appointment and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the matter with the customer directly.

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