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How many cars can one damage on way out of carpark?

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Time to go back to driving school?

A couple were caught on video taking turns trying to get their car out of a carpark along Toh Yi Drive in the early hours of Sept 23.

Stomper Daniel witnessed the couple struggling and took a video of the whole ordeal.

"Two young adults were trying to manoeuvre their way out of the open air carpark at around 1.30am," he said.

"Whilst doing so, they managed to cause some damage to some of the nearby cars."

In the video, the man appears to reverse into a Mercedes-Benz before letting the woman take over the wheel.

She does not seem to fare much better and is heard coming into contact with another car in front of their vehicle.

"Unfortunately, they did not leave any contact information to the owners of the cars they damaged," said the Stomper.