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How not to 'drop' your kid at school

Here is another cautionary tale for motorists dropping kids at school.

The early morning stress can be dangerous, and if it turns out funny, the joke’s on you.

A video posted on the Facebook page shows a car arriving at Anderson Primary School.

The left rear door opens and a boy begins to alight.

But the car moves off and he tumbles out. The car stops but the driver does not come out.

The video, possibly taken from a car behind, shows the boy getting up and speaking to those in the car.

A traffic warden then comes to check on the boy, and closes the door, after which the car leaves.

The boy seems fine, and walks into the school.

The incident happened on Wednesday (Jan 19), the post said.

One of those commenting said the kid would have a story to tell his mates.

Many were surprised that the driver did not come out to check on him.

One argued that it must have been a parent because otherwise there would have been a complaint about the driver.

Quite a few also saw the funny side of it, saying it gave a whole new meaning to “drop-off point”.

Watch the video here: