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Local streamer Kiaraakitty gets stopped by cops in Seoul for 'having her boobs out'

Singaporean Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty got into a spot of bother while in South Korea recently when she was stopped by the cops on the street – apparently for her lewd attire.

In a TikTok video posted on Sunday (April 9), Kiaraakitty documented the encounter, which occurred while she was livestreaming in Seoul.

The clip shows Kiaraa walking the streets dressed in a laced top, fur coat and skirt, when she was approached by two cops.

A female officer speaks to her Korean, to which she responds: "I don't speak Korean."

"It's my first time here – I've never been to Korea before," she tries to explain to the officers amid the obvious language-barrier. "I don't know your law."

The female officer then gets a translator over the phone to speak with the Singaporean, who explains herself before apologising. 

@kiaraakitty1 I got stopped by 2 cops in Seoul for having my boobs out lol ! 💀💀 #seoul #fyp #kiaraakitty #twitchclips #twitchmoments ♬ original sound - Kiaraa Kitty

Kiaraa, who boasts just over 500,000 followers on Twitch, was apparently let off with a warning. 

In a YouTube video uploaded by user Darren Wang, Kiara addresses her livestream audience and further explains the situation.

“It's some jealous b****es who complained about my t**s… Like, shut the hell up and let me make my money,” she says.

"Let's go to another country because I don't want to disturb the peace.”

Not surprisingly, netizens were quick to chide her for her actions, labelling her an attention seeker, among other things. 

Kiaraa is no stranger to controversy.

In January, Kiaraa had her Twitch account banned for apparently "breaking sexual content guidelines", reported AsiaOne.

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