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Local TikToker gets her South Korean husband to try half-boiled eggs

Everyone eats eggs. But not everyone has them the Singaporean way – half-boiled, with drops of dark soya sauce, and slurped from a saucer.  

So when local TikToker Felicia Song brought her South Korean husband to a coffee shop for breakfast recently, his reaction to the dish made for an amusing scene. 

"You normally eat this in the mornings?" the man asked Felicia, starting at the saucer of two cracked eggs.

After she briefed him that the dish is best enjoyed with a dash of white pepper and dark soya sauce, the man still didn’t look particularly convinced.

"I don't think I can eat this," he added, after mistakenly adding light soya sauce instead of the dark version. 

Moments later, but with the right soya sauce this time, he finally relents.  

Though he doesn’t exactly go “two thumbs up”, the man doesn’t appear repulsed by the eggs either. He proceeds to finish off the dish after his wife urges him to “slurp it all in one go”.

"My stomach doesn't feel good," he said afterwards.



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Netizens offered Song suggestions on how she could get him to like the eggs more. 


Yup, you gotta dip that toast in it, girl.