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Lorong rage: Woman tries to stop Merc in Geylang

This article is more than 12 months old

For the second time in a month we see a woman trying to play Superman and stop, well not exactly a speeding train, but a slow-moving car.

This time it's a woman in Geylang who tried to stop a Mercedes from moving off after what looked like a heated argument with its male driver.

It was not clear what it was all about but the two were shouting and gesturing at each other.

According to the Shin Min Daily News, the incident happened in Lorong 35 Geylang around 11.35am on Tuesday (Aug 9). 

When the man got into the car, the woman went to the front and leaned against the bonnet.

She was reportedly on the phone, saying in Mandarin: "Someone hit me, hurry up!"

Despite this, the man started the car and began inching forward, pushing the woman.

She ended up on the side of the car and it sped off.

She appeared to be unhurt.

A TikTok video of the incident appeared to have been removed later.

Exactly a month ago, TNP had reported that a woman at the Second Link had pushed against an MPV as it inched forward, and then yanked out its number plate.

She and a young man, said to be her son, were later arrested by the Malaysian police.

It was not known if any action was taken against the driver in that case for moving his car forward while someone was directly in front and in contact with it.

Shin Min said on Wednesday that its reporter had spoken to a 42-year-old private hire car driver named Luo, who had witnessed the incident in Geylang.

According to him, the woman was heard saying that she had called the police.

"The woman's daughter was frightened by the shouting of the male driver,” Mr Luo was quoted as saying. “The woman's husband was also present afterwards."

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