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LTA suspends enforcement officer caught on camera fighting with driver

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that it has suspended the enforcement officer caught on camera fighting with a man, said to be an Uber driver.

The incident came to light after the driver's passenger, Amber Pek, posted the video of the altercation to her Facebook page on Friday night.

The 51 second video quickly went viral.

At 12.15am this morning (Nov 28) LTA posted its statement, saying that the officer in question had been suspended.

It reads: "LTA takes a serious view of this incident and will not condone any acts of violence by our officers or outsourced officers.

The enforcement officer involved in this incident has been suspended from all duties with immediate effect pending further investigations."



The Land Transport Authority (LTA) regrets this incident that involved an LTA enforcement officer earlier this evening...

Posted by Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving on Friday, 27 November 2015


In her post, Ms Pek describes the altercation that happened on Friday (Nov 27) at Bugis Junction after she had called for an Uber driver to pick her up at the taxi stand at Bugis Junction. She had been unaware that "only taxis were allowed to turn in."

Ms Pek says that the LTA enforcement officer threatened to issue the driver a warning despite Ms Pek's attempts to explain that she had requested for him to pick her up there.

In the video, the driver — wearing a blue polo shirt  — and the officer confront each other,

The officer is seen on video shoving the driver, who appears to be an older man.Ms Peks post says that the officer "threw the first punch".

He also attempts to kick at the driver when he is on the ground.

A passer-by in a black top attempts to separate the pair. 

Ms Pek called the officer's actions as "absolutely outrageous and unacceptable." 

She added that the driver insisted on driving her to her destination, despite his injuries.


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