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Man allegedly punched by courier after he asked to check parcel meant for his mother

A man was allegedly punched by a delivery man outside his home after he asked the latter to return at another time to deliver a parcel.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the man, surnamed Hong, said the incident occurred on Thursday (Aug 3) around 2pm, at Block 821 Yishun Street 81.

Hong, 34, self-employed, said he was taking a nap when the delivery man showed up at the door. 

Apparently, he was there to deliver a parcel meant for Hong’s mother and needed someone to sign off on it.

His mother was not home at the time and could not be contacted either. 

“I asked if I could check the parcel, but he said no,” Hong said. “So, I requested for him to come back later to complete the delivery.”

The delivery man got impatient at that point and started scolding him.

Hong then rebutted: “When I speak nicely to you, it does not mean you get to scold me.”

Upon hearing this, the delivery man apparently got into his face. “If he got any closer, he would have touched me.”

Hong said he instinctively shoved the delivery man in defence. The latter retaliated and allegedly punched him three times.

“He was stronger and taller than me. After he hit me, my head was hurting for the whole day,” he said.

Hong said he called the police on the spot, and the delivery man fled the scene when he saw this. 

As the delivery man left in a hurry, Hong managed only to take a photograph of his van.

The police confirmed the incident to Shin Min, and said they received a report of an alleged assault at the date, time and place mentioned above.