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Man goes MIA after collecting $48,000 to renovate Pasir Ris flat

This article is more than 12 months old

Even his address was a lie.

A man went missing after collecting $48,000 from a 64-year-old woman to renovate her Pasir Ris flat.

The woman's son, Alvin, said: "We went to his residential address and realised he does not live there."

The man, known as Jason, was introduced by Alvin's uncle in October last year.

"Jason claimed to be from Livspace and under a partnership. He issued a quotation that said 'Livspace/Interiortech Pte Ltd' at the bottom," Alvin said.

"The final quotation agreed on was $35,388. The promised handover was before Christmas 2022."

In response to a Stomp query, a Livspace spokesman said: "Livspace is not in any way associated with this project. The individual has used our company name and logo fraudulently for personal gain.

"Livspace neither signed this project nor collected any money on this project, or did any work on this project.

"We reserve all rights to take action against this individual for fraudulent use of our company name and logo."

Alvin recounted: "On Nov 2, we placed a deposit of $7,077.60 via PayNow to Jason's personal mobile phone to commence work.

At the time, he found it strange that payment was not made to Jason's company but did not think much of it as Jason was recommended by his uncle.

"Jason informed us that work was to commence, and a subsequent payment of $27,990.00 was made on Nov 15 to his personal mobile phone again. Preliminary work did commence and was completed, such as the flooring and tiling.

"In November and early December, on the basis of starting other works, he asked for subsequent payments amounting to $2,650, $9,000 and $1,068. These were all paid to his personal mobile phone via PayNow.

"However, none of the purported work had commenced and we were told due to the Christmas festive season, the carpentry guys and whatever guys were off work already. It was promised the handover would be before Chinese New Year.

"The full amount was paid to Jason already. We did not think much of it at that time.

"In early January, we were informed by Jason that the handover had to be pushed back to after Chinese New Year as this year's Chinese New Year came earlier than previous years. The Malaysian workers had to go back home. Hence, no workers were available.

"However, after Chinese New Year, he told us the workers had yet to return and that work would be delayed until mid-February. In mid-February, Jason did arrange for a carpenter to take measurements and we were promised that by mid-March, all work would be completed for handover.

"Then came mid-March, there was no show and constant changes in date to the extent that the stories soon became unbelievable. I started to step in.

"Previously, my old-age mother was managing as I was busy with work. Soon, my uncle found out from the carpenter that nothing was committed at all as Jason still owed them payment. Then Jason confessed that he has misappropriated the money due to his own financial difficulties and asked for a chance.

"My uncle discussed it with me and we decided to give him one more chance.

"Hence, he arranged for another group of carpenters to come and take measurements. We also found out that because of his own mistake, he had been lying to us all this while, giving rise to the late handover dates that never once materialised.

"We were promised that by April 4, the new carpenter group that last came over for measurement would return to install and finish up the remaining work, but on the day itself, Jason went missing."

That was when Alvin tried to find Jason at his Ang Mo Kio address but in vain.

"Further checks revealed that the new carpenter who was supposedly 'engaged' wasn't aware of the installation or fabrication of the furniture as Jason has not paid the deposit to commence work at all.

"Jason has since gone missing and a police report has been lodged."

In response to a Stomp query, the Police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Alvin said the flat is currently "in a very bad mess".

"My mom is an average and simple old lady, 64 years old, who has worked hard her entire life with a simple dream to renovate and have her dream home. However, she has fallen prey to Jason and we are now left in the lurch with a quarter-renovated flat and a whole mess to clear up.

"We had to engage another contractor to come finish up the work."