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Man 'Hulk-smashes' car's bonnet at Geylang, police investigating

A police report was made after a man was caught on video smashing the bonnet of a car with both of his fists near Geylang Lorong 1 on Dec 5 at about 3.30am.

Footage of the incident was shared on SG Road Vigilante's YouTube channel.

In the video, the man is seen standing with a group of friends before walking over to the car and smashing it.

According to a police report included in the video, the driver had rented the car.

He was in the area to have supper and when he returned to this car he saw the car's bonnet was dented in two places. The side mirror was damaged too.

The driver added that the group of four men were heard talking about damaging the car before leaving in a taxi together.