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Man laments 'pineapple head' haircut; shop owner invites him for a redo

Upset about his haircut, a man took to Facebook to vent and call for a boycott of the quick-cut hair salon. 

Facebook user Kris Tan posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group that he visited Kin Cuts hair salon in Lavender and paid $13 for his hair cut. 

Referring to his new look as “pineapple head”, Tan wrote in his post that the stylist “didn’t understand English”.

"She shaved too much when I said trim a bit… I'm already depressed enough. Not a quality haircut," he wrote.

The post has since been deleted.

In response, the owner of Kin Cuts hair salon, surnamed Sim, told Mothership that their hairstylists are able to communicate in English, and that a miscommunication had occurred between the customer and stylist.

"To cut down on such miscommunications, we have a picture book of hairstyles for customers to choose from," Sim said.

However, the customer simply showed the hairstylist a text message on his phone which read "trim but not too short".

Sim further explained: “When the hair was done, he wanted it shorter and gestured with his hands to use the shaver to shave his hair shorter. Our hairstylist may have misunderstood how short he really wanted it.

"If possible, we would like to reach out to this customer to redo his hair to his liking.”

Sim also pointed out the difference between regular hairstyling services and quick-cut salons.

"Our shop has a salon (option) that does haircuts for $28-$40. These haircuts take a lot longer (45 to 60 minutes) and you have the luxury of time to get the perfect haircut," Sim explained.

On the other hand, its quick-cut salon offering, currently priced at $13, is for "customers who know exactly what they want" and want to save time and money.

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