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Man rescued after falling into 4m-deep sprinkler pump room

A man was rescued after he fell about four metres into the sprinkler pump room of a factory on Nov 28.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said in an Instagram post that emergency responders comprising firefighters, an ambulance crew and specialists from the Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (Dart) were activated at about 4.50pm to perform a rescue operation at 1 Pandan Crescent.

When the rescue team arrived at the scene, they found the man sitting at the bottom of the sprinkler pump room. He was reportedly about to conduct maintenance works for the sprinkler pump system when he fell through the room’s opening, said SCDF on Nov 29.

Five SCDF officers, including a paramedic, climbed down a cat ladder to reach the injured man. As the man felt pain in his back and left leg, the paramedic immobilised the man to prevent further injury as they waited for the Dart officers to start the rescue operation.

A Dart officer was lowered into the pump room and attached himself to the man. Both of them were then lifted out of the room.

The man was later taken to the National University Hospital.


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