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MBS, Zouk call out Australian YouTuber Pete Z

In just days from uploading his videos, Australian YouTuber Pete Z has been exposed for lying about staying at Marina Bay Sands and getting into Zouk for free.

On Feb 2, he uploaded the video I Stole A $100,000 Luxury Vacation, in which he appears to tailgate a hotel guest to MBS' infinity pool, charges his meal to a room and steals an unattended key card.

However, an MBS spokesperson told Mothership that Pete was a guest at MBS on Jan 11. "As a legitimate hotel guest, he had access to the various areas of the hotel shown in the video, including the SkyPark and our Infinity Pool. He also paid for his meal at Lavo."

On Feb 4, Pete uploaded another video of his time in Singapore. This time, he documents himself getting into places including Zouk for free.

In the 15-minute video that has raked in more than 95,000 views and attracted more than a thousand comments, Pete claims he would donate 10 per cent of the value of anything he got for free to "feed the poor in Singapore".

Again, the YouTuber has been exposed for lying – Zouk told Mothership that the ticket Pete shows in the video is one issued to a paying guest at the club.

But the real star out of these two videos of untrue claims is the woman in a white top, who was manning the counter at Zouk.

The hint of a smirk on her face just shows how little she believed Pete when he said he was Justin Bieber's cousin. Without looking up from her phone, she nonchalantly told Pete: "Oh, Justin Bieber's banned from Zouk."

Definitely not her first rodeo.