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Motorists disregard traffic rules where there are no cameras

Statistics show that motorists speed at locations without enforcement cameras, and this disregard for traffic rules is worrying, the Traffic Police (TP) said on Feb 23.

Speaking to the media during an engagement session to showcase its enforcement cameras, the TP said: “Every violation or accident is one too many, as it could potentially lead to a loss of life.”

In 2023, 136 people died in traffic accidents, a 25.9 per cent jump from the 108 deaths in 2022, said the TP on Feb 20 when releasing its annual statistics report.

The 136 deaths is the highest number reported since 2016, when there were 141 of them.

The report also showed there were fewer speeding violations detected by traffic enforcement cameras in 2023 – 52,237 compared with 73,152 in 2022.

However, the number of such violations detected by other police enforcement operations rose by 22 per cent to 63,468, in 2023, from 52,016 in 2022.

There are six types of enforcement cameras used by the TP. The locations of over 320 of them can be found on the Singapore Police Force website.

1. Red-light camera

Traditionally used for nabbing motorists who run the red light, some of these cameras will soon be used for catching speedsters as well. There are 252 red-light cameras deployed at road junctions across Singapore.

2. Average speed camera

This camera detects the speed of a vehicle when it enters and leaves a section of road and computes the average speed. Average speed cameras have been used along Tanah Merah Coast Road since Dec 17, 2018.

3. Fixed speed camera

Speeding vehicles can be spotted from afar with this camera. There are 20 fixed speed cameras in Singapore.

4. Mobile speed camera

This device transmits images of speeding violations wirelessly back to the TP for processing. It can be redeployed to speeding-prone locations at short notice.

5. Police speed laser camera

This is a portable speed laser gun that can be brought on TP motorcycles for ad-hoc anti-speeding operations. Speeding vehicles can be tracked and spotted from afar with it, and these violations can be recorded through photos and videos. It can be used at night as it has infra-red detection capabilities.

6. Police radar speed camera

This camera is installed on the dashboard of all the TP’s expressway patrol cars, and records videos of speeding vehicles.

To deter motorists from speeding at places where they think no one is watching, the TP will progressively activate the speed enforcement function in red-light cameras across Singapore from the second quarter of 2024.

This will be done especially in locations that are more accident- or violation-prone, the TP added.

The TP will increase the composition sums and demerit points for certain traffic offences to curb irresponsible driving behaviours. More details will be announced in 2024.