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Motorists help rider pinned under Vespa after he skids on AYE, rider says thanks online

A motorcyclist had to be helped by motorists on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) after he skidded and got pinned under his scooter in the middle of a lane. 

A video of the incident shared on the SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) Facebook page indicates that the accident took place on Oct 31 at 6.08pm.  

The clip, from dashcam footage, begins with a taxi trying to switch lanes without signalling. Seconds later, a lane-splitting Vespa comes skidding into view, as if the rider had slammed on his brakes to avoid the lane-switching taxi. 

The taxi, for some reason, swerves back into its initial lane when the Vespa comes skidding behind it. The scooter also bumps slightly into the back of the cab.

It cannot be ascertained if the taxi (SHA 4638 J) was aware of the fallen bike, but it does not stop and continues on its way. 

Shocked by the events unfolding, the driver and passenger in the camcar stop their vehicle and offer the motorcyclist, who’s pinned under his bike, some assistance. Other motorists come into view and help lift the Vespa off the rider. 

Visible on the road were long white marks, apparently from the victim’s helmet being dragged across the asphalt.

A Facebook user claiming to be the Vespa rider later appeared in the comments of the SGRV post.

He expressed his gratitude to the motorists who helped him, and assured everyone that he was not seriously hurt.