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'Not my problem what': Pedestrians watch on as jaywalking man gets hits by car in Sengkang

This article is more than 12 months old

In a rather shocking display of indifference and apathy, two pedestrians and a cyclist simply watched and walked on after a man in front of them was hit by a car while crossing the street.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the car didn’t stop to check if the man was alright either. 

On Tuesday (Sept 20), a video posted on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante showed three pedestrians and a cyclist crossing the road while the traffic light was not in their favour at Compassvale Crescent amid a heavy downpour. 

Midway through, as one of the pedestrians dashed across the street, he was knocked off his feet by a car. 

From the video, the driver of the car does not stop and drives out of focus. It is not clear if he or she stopped further down the road. 

However, neither the other two pedestrians nor the cyclist, who were just metres away, stopped to lend a hand or ask if the man was alright. They simply glanced at him before continuing across the road. 

The man remained on the ground for a few seconds before picking himself up and limping away. 

While most commenters were shocked that none of the three bystanders bothered to check on or help the victim, some netizens weren't very sympathetic towards the man, with a few saying he even "deserved it" for jaywalking. 

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is an offence for pedestrians to fail to cross at a pedestrian crossing. The composition sum for this offence is $50.

The driver of the vehicle involved is not faultless either. 

Under the Road Traffic Act, a driver has to stop their vehicle if an accident occurs and report the accident to the police "as soon as reasonably practicable within 24 hours after the accident".