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Passer-by films fight in Hougang, gets chastised online for 'not stopping the abuse'

This article is more than 12 months old

A passer-by witnessed and filmed an altercation between two women in Hougang recently, but has come under fire from some netizens for simply standing on the sidelines and not intervening. 

An Instagram video on @sgfollowsall on Wednesday (Aug 24) shows a woman shouting and hitting an older woman at the entrance of Hougang 1 mall.

The video was posted by the admin, who wrote in the caption that it was “shared by a follower”. 

The caption read: this lady in her 50s was beating up another lady in her 70s and blowing punches to her head and taking a slipper and beating her continuously and was in pain. And when I called the police I stood aside and the lady was gesturing to me saying I was watching free show and many more that I can’t remember. Happened outside Hougang 1 around 9.40pm.

Later in the video, the same two women get into another scuffle, this time, as the older one is about to get into a taxi. 


In the comments, several netizens criticised the passer-by who recorded the video of doing nothing to help the older woman from getting assaulted.

"At least stop the abuse while waiting for the police. Sigh," one commenter said, while another criticised the passer-by for laughing while recording the video.

Well, at least the passer-by called the police. 

What would you have done?