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'Playground punters' in Bedok raise concern among parents

Apparently, there's a horse racing betting centre in the area

You would think a playground is solely a place for children to run, jump and just have fun at. 

But a certain playground in Bedok seems to also attract grown men with a predilection for horse racing. And the presence of these “punters” has caused some concern among parents. 

Speaking to 8world anonymously, one person said the group of men, between the ages of 50 and 70, would regularly gather at the playground next to Block 215 Bedok North Street 1 in the late afternoons. 

There, they would loudly discuss the horses they were betting on while clutching onto their horse racing manuals.

When 8world visited the area recently, they found a betting centre at the block that broadcasts races. Later in the afternoon, they also noticed men making a beeline for the betting centre.

Meanwhile, some parents were seen bringing their children to the playground. 


Punters in the betting centre could be heard chanting the numbers of the horses they were betting on. 

Once the races ended, the men gathered at the playground to smoke and discuss the horses in the next race.

One woman surnamed Lin told 8world that her five-year-old son once asked her: "What book is uncle reading?" The boy was referring to a horse racing manual. 

"If I had a choice, I would avoid coming to the playground at around 4pm, but it's when it's the least sunny. My son would usually wake up from his nap and want to play.

"If the (men) could keep their discussions within the betting centre, that'd be good," said Lin. 

Another parent said she avoids bringing her son, who is in primary school, down to the playground altogether, as she does not want him to be influenced by the gambling men.

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