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Project Wolbachia to be expanded to five more residential areas in the south and east from 2024

Singapore's innovative battle against dengue gets a boost as Project Wolbachia gears up to expand into five new areas by 2024, set to safeguard 35% of homes with its groundbreaking mosquito reduction strategy.

Big news, Singapore!

Starting early 2024, we're ramping up our fight against dengue in a big way with Project Wolbachia. This cool science project, which uses lab-grown male mosquitoes to reduce the Aedes aegypti population, is expanding to cover five additional areas: Bukit Merah-Telok Blangah, Clementi-West Coast, Commonwealth, Holland, and Marine Parade-Mountbatten.

Here's the lowdown: Project Wolbachia involves releasing specially bred male mosquitoes that carry a bacteria called Wolbachia.

When these guys mingle with the local female mosquitoes, the eggs they produce don’t hatch, leading to fewer dengue carriers flying around.

By 2024, this project will shield a whopping 480,000 homes, up from the current 350,000. That's 35 per cent of all homes in Singapore, including HDB and landed properties.

We've seen great results so far – areas with these mosquitoes have seen up to a 77 per cent drop in dengue infections. That's huge!

The National Environment Agency (NEA) chose these new locations based on past dengue risks and mosquito populations.

It's a smart move to maximise the impact. And there's a tech twist too – the NEA is using data analytics and AI to optimise the number of mosquitoes released for the best results.

Now, while Project Wolbachia is a game-changer, it's not the only solution. We still need to keep our environments clean and free from stagnant water. Remember, it's a team effort!

Since 2016, this project has already benefited over a million residents. With this expansion, we're taking another bold step towards a dengue-free Singapore. So, let's stay vigilant and keep fighting the good fight against dengue, together!

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