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Prudent driver in Bali reminds man 'how lucky we are living in S'pore'

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After noticing his driver eyeing a tin of milk powder, a man decided to buy that as a gift for him, only to learn that the former wanted it for his 15-year-old son who was “malnourished”. 

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News on Saturday (March 11), 36-year-old Wang, a Singaporean, said he booked his driver Suanna to facilitate travel around Bali, where he and his friends had gone for holiday.

His interactions with Suanna made him realise 'how fortunate we are to be living in SG',  as he noticed several occasions where Suanna demonstrated frugality. 

On the first day of his trip, Wang said he asked Suanna if he had tried the ice cream from popular chain Mixue while driving past the shop. 

Suanna told him he did, though he found the ice cream – which costs 16,000 IDR ($1.40) for one serving – expensive. 

“After that, when we went for lunch, we invited him to eat with us, and he chose the cheapest meal,” Wang added.

Then, while shopping at a local supermarket, Wang said he noticed Suanna looking hesitantly at a tin of milk powder, which cost 108,000 IDR. 

Since he seemed to want it badly, Wang said he bought it for Suanna. 

“I later found out that he wanted to get it for his 15-year-old son, who is malnourished. He wanted to have his son drink the milk together with his meals,” he added. 

Wang also found out that Suanna made only $60 a day for a 10-hour shift.

"He helped us realise how fortunate we are to be living in Singapore," Wang said. 

Wanting to help him further, Wang shared Suanna’s contact number on his Facebook page, to encourage Singaporeans to engage his services while in Bali.