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'Quite entertaining': Doctor amused by man who calls police after refusing to believe he was there to visit patient

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A man called the police to inform them of “intruders” on his private residential estate. Only, they were not trespassers, but doctors who were attending to a neighbour.

In a TikTok video uploaded on Tuesday (March 7), Dr Bobby Stryker of Rescusg said it was the first time someone called the police on his team since they started out in 2018, describing the incident as "quite entertaining". 

The doctor and his team had gone to a private estate after being alerted by his patient’s daughters that his patient had a fall. 

While parking his car in the residential area, a man was “glaring” at him. This despite that the man appeared to have seen a sign put up on the car’s dashboard saying the car belonged to an “emergency doctor on call”. 

The doctor added the man then questioned him on his identity and the reason for being there.

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Though Dr Stryker identified himself as a doctor going to attend to a patient, the man continued to ask him which unit he was visiting. 

Dr Stryker refused to state which unit due to doctor-patient confidentiality. 

The man then threatened to call the police but the team continued on their way. 

His patient “turned out to be a lot more unwell than expected”, and Dr Stryker had to call the ambulance. 

As the police showed up at that moment, “they could see the entire event unfolding in front of their eyes”, he added.

When Dr Stryker spoke to the man in the presence of the police, the man denied being informed earlier that he is a doctor. 

Dr Stryker clarified that he only refused to say which unit he was visiting.

“I apologised and said I'll try to identify myself even more clearly next time,” he said. “But no ill feelings. It kind of ended amicably… we proverbially kissed and made up.”

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