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Swarm outside Woodlands block creating a buzz, as resident finds dead bees at doorstep

A Woodlands resident received a rather unbee-lievable greeting at her doorstep on Monday (July 18) when she found hundreds of dead bees along the HDB corridor.  

Along with pictures of the dead bees, Ms Tiffany Ng also shared a video of bees swarming outside Block 185A Woodlands Street 13. 

According to AsiaOne, Ms Ng said some of the bees also infiltrated her home through a toilet window. 

"It's so scary," she wrote in her post, adding that it was not the first time bees had caused a nuisance in her neighbourhood.

"I hope the town council will do something about it," she said.

In the comments, a netizen joked that the appearance of bees outside her home is an auspicious sign, referring to how 'bee' in Mandarin sounds like the word for wealth. 

Owner of pest control company Ridpest, Mr Dan Dhamaraks, told AsiaOne that residents faced with bee swarms should not aggravate them, 

"Normally, the pest control will try to destroy the entire bee-swarming population, but (it will not be) 100 per cent (successful)... unless there is a hive and they are attracted to a queen bee," he said.

He added that the bees in Woodlands are likely honey bees, and are harmless unless provoked. 

According to NParks' website, bees that appear at residential estates are drawn to urban light sources in the late evenings and early mornings.

Installing thick curtains or an insect screen on your windows can reduce the likelihood of these insects entering your homes, NParks said, adding that swatting at them will cause bees to become more aggressive.